Parking Lot Asphalt Crack Sealing Keeps Your GTA Pavement in Good Repair

Parking lot asphalt crack sealing is the surest way to prevent your GTA pavement from falling into disrepair.
Toronto is known for having high humidity levels in the summer and inclement weather in the winter. The resulting moisture from the elements is slowly absorbed by parking lot asphalt over time, resulting in dangerous and unsightly cracks. A crack sealing treatment helps avoid this damage by keeping the pavement dry.
Parking lots become easier to maintain when they are free of cracks. Snow plows and street sweepers can easily remove snow or debris without risking damage to the asphalt or injury to their vehicles. This keeps the outward appearance of your business looking attractive to potential clients.
Parking lot asphalt crack sealing is one of the most cost-effective pavement maintenance procedures you can use to keep your GTA parking lot in top condition.
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GTA Parking lots face a lot of hardships through the freeze and thaw cycles of our ever changing winters. This leaves our parking lots looking aged, with cracks making their way to every corner of our lots. This can prove detrimental to the structure of the pavement as it allows water to sink in and erode the bottom leaving you with an extensive reconstruction bill. However, there is a solution; If cracks are sealed as soon as they appear, water infiltration will be minimized and extensive pavement repair avoided. Protect your investment now.

As property managers or property owners, it is good to consider the three different types of crack sealing; After all, they are not all the same.

1. Crack Filling: Crack filling involves sealing a pavement crack without any type of preparation. This type of crack sealing services have the highest failure rate—In fact, it likely won’t survive its first winter.

2. Blow and Fill: This involves blowing out debris from inside cracks and then topical sealing of the pavement cracks. While the failure rates are still high, it has a marginally better life expectancy than simply crack filling.

3. Rout and Seal Crack Sealing: Cracks are routed, allowing for a reservoir of rubberized crack sealer to set in between the cracks. This facilitates expansion and contraction of the crack. This can be done in two ways: 1) The standard practice of cone filling of the rout OR 2) The superior method of overbanding, wherein the crack is overfilled and the sealant spreads to create a 3/4" band over the pavement around the crack. This method produces a crack-sealed joint with an extremely low failure rate that will last between 5 and 10 years.

At Sure Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc., quality is our priority.  Thus, preserving your pavement for the long run is our goal. That is why we only employ the rout and seal method, overbanding the sealant for effective results. While not the cheapest of crack sealing services, it is definitely the best ROI as it will endure the longest and push off expensive, preventable repairs.


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